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    There's More To SEO Than Just Marketing

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    There's More To SEO Than Just Marketing

    Post  jullysan on Wed Jan 12, 2011 12:49 pm

    Contrary to popular belief, search engine optimization can be used for more than just business marketing, and the benefits that benefits that businesses reap from the use of SEO are diverse.

    Let's take a peek at a few of those benefits, especially from SEO business blogging.

    First is Brand Visibility. Employing SEO for a business such as home insurance requires that you top the first page list when searched for on Google. On the other hand, if you didn't make the list, you will then have to purchase PPC ads to boost your visibility, which is expensive.

    Second is Findability. SEO helps you be found on search engines even if the user only inputs snippets of information. As little as half your company name, a small excerpt from a review you've blogged about, or a product that you sell can help you be found in a snap.

    Third is Repeat Business. Customers who are directed from search engines tend to stay around longer and, if satisfied, they tend to come back. With the use of SEO you can increase your customer lifetime revenues.

    SEO also offers Cost-effective Customer Acquisition. Since search engines are free and since there is no fee for being indexed in a search engine, you can input low intent phrases, high volume for a search at relatively no cost, compared to paid-search programs.

    This feature also proves beneficial for creating visitors on a long-tail search. Most companies that employ paid-search programs go for this kind of strategy, but this also gives those who employ SEO the opportunity to reap the same results for less the cost.

    SEO also features Fixed Costs which are independent of click volume. The cost per click from SEO decreases after initial costs of optimization and lesser ongoing optimization costs, giving it high cost-effectibility. Paid-search however is essentially a variable cost.

    Additionally, there is Focus on Content. For business marketing, blogging, as content development, original quality content is the icing on the cake. A great tip from many SEO experts is to create subject-specific content on your website and to categorize and label that content in a way that will boost up your keyword strategy. Blogging is perfect for this tactic. It should be noted that if you post quality content, you will attract quality links which are important for SEO. Invest in unique content so that you can generate valuable intellectual property which will increase your search rankings as well as benefit other areas of your business.

    Since search engines are demand-driven, anybody who is referred to your site via a search engine hopes that you're offering what they're looking for. This benefit, called Customer Acquisition via Targeted Prospects helps only so long as you have what your customers want. So as much as possible, make your site a specialty site which caters to nearly everything your customer may want from that field of business. If you show them what they want to see they will become a potential customer---one that keeps on coming back.

    Lastly, SEO can give you Focus on Web Standards and Accessibility. Designing a website for searches is an exercise in designing the best website since most search engine crawlers detect errors within your code. A valid code is a must for SEO, which makes for a more readily accessible website both for Google's crawlers and your potential customers.


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