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Catalog Printing Musts

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Catalog Printing Musts

Post  jomack on Wed Jul 20, 2011 12:11 pm

Catalogs are one of the best ways to market goods and services. Businesses use this to gain better sales. Catalog Printing is serious work, consider using a professional rather than doing it on your own.

Things to remember when you're having catalogs printed:

1) Collate

Put together all the pictures and product or service information you have in mind to place in the catalog.

2) Ideas

Think about how you want the catalog to be. Binding methods, colors, size even layouts. It doesn't have to be concrete, just simple ideas that come to mind.

3) Draft

Put all your ideas and the things that collated into a drawing. It doesn't necessarily have to look like art, just simple stick figures that the professional catalog makers could understand. If drawing is not your thing, simply list down all the things you want and vividly describe each of your ideas (where you want the pictures to be, the colors or how you want the catalog to look).

4) Pages

How much information are you sharing? Do you need 5 pages or a hundred? Make sure you have though this over before you ask for a professional's help so you have a general idea on how many pages you require.

5) Style

The entire theme of the catalog is your style. Think target market, your ideas and a designer. Put them all together and you get a good style. It is always better to let a catalog designer assist you with the theme and layout and save yourself some time.

6) Bulk

How much people are your target audience? Printing by the bulk gets you more discount, so it is a good idea to finalize everything first and make sure there are no errors before printing.


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Re: Catalog Printing Musts

Post  nashcavvin on Wed Jul 20, 2011 12:24 pm

Businesses use this to gain better sales. Catalog printing is serious work, consider using a professional, rather than doing it yourself.


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Re: Catalog Printing Musts

Post  michaljoli on Sat Aug 20, 2011 9:56 am

What ever you do you ever want to make your catalogs fact, is entirely up to you. Always remember, however, that the perception of your audience is the most important factor to decide for them not for yourself. Give them something to be excited about and present your products and services. Catalog printing is one of the keys to your success, choose the right one.


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Re: Catalog Printing Musts

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