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Easy Bait To Bring Traffic Into Your Website

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Easy Bait To Bring Traffic Into Your Website

Post  Admin on Thu Nov 11, 2010 5:28 pm

There is an old saying; "Money attracts money". Therefore; traffic attracts traffic. And what happens if your website is receiving constant traffic? Google increases your page rank and additionally it will levitate the position of your website in the listings. But how can you start a stream of traffic to your website? There is a way to do this and it is not precisely writing outstanding Blogs or creating amazing articles, some how you need to find a way to force traffic to your website, in fact let's say 'through your website".

You need to find something you can offer for free that will keep your clients coming; a good idea would be a free email account. Offer free email accounts with a limited space and here is the trick to raising the traffic you need; you have to do this in a way that every time some one wants to login into their email they do so through the home page of your website. By forcing every one to pass by the home page of your website you are creating a constant traffic through your site that will immediately attract Google's attention.

Traffic attracts traffic, the more traffic you get the more value your website gets and that is when Google as well as all other major search engines start to consider your website and you start to go up in listings. You can try, link exchanges, one way links, comment on Blogs, you can optimize your website and spend thousand's doing so and try as many techniques as you can find on the web now a day, but the reality is that the times are changing and many of these methods no longer provide the results they used to before. The new attitude by Google is about content, the presumption is that if you have quality content then people will start to visit your website, but the reality is different.

The simple act of having good content on the pages of your website will not induce traffic. Traffic is generated two ways; when you pay for it and when your site is listed on the search engines in a decent position. If you are paying for your traffic then you do not need to worry about anything except your pocket, but if you depend on the position of your website in search engines (organic search) then this is triggered by factors such as the one I am explaining in this article. You need to bring Goggle's attention and by having an excuse for your customers to always use the home page of your website as a gate way to another section regardless if it resides in your own server or out side your server you will actually create the illusion that your site is visited on a constant manner due to something important to others. That is what Google likes.


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Re: Easy Bait To Bring Traffic Into Your Website

Post  beatrixpoul on Tue Dec 07, 2010 4:36 pm

Some suggest that the type of shock value to attract the attention of the webmaster and in many ways it is, but the basic idea is to offer something unique for visitors so you can book a single site, must return to a regular basis. Add a link baiting tactic is to create a directory of blogs that belong to your niche, or a list of other useful tools.


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