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Internet Marketing and SEO Basics - 2 Tips to Effectively Target Your Audience Online

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Internet Marketing and SEO Basics - 2 Tips to Effectively Target Your Audience Online

Post  Admin on Thu Nov 11, 2010 5:29 pm

Are you an internet marketing amateur looking for the best method to move your website from its current rating to the next pinnacle? There is a lot of competition out there that if you aren't careful and you dilly dally with the whole concept of SEO, you might find your website terribly damaged with weak keywords and a non-traffic compatible website. You might just know that this is just like the customary advertising gig, but how well do you know this form of advertising? You should know that the essence is to get more customers, especially the ones that are right for your products and services. You think this is improbable, the idea of marketing to the wrong audience? Then read the following stats: every year, three hundred billion dollars are spent on advertising, and guess what? Over a hundred and twelve billion of that money is spent advertising to the wrong kind of people for the product. In this era of global economic meltdown, every penny is important, and it would be a wide business ethic to make the most of every cent in your company purse. Therefore, you would need to be very sure that your advertising campaigns are directed to the right kind of audience, and also that you are marketing the right product to the right kind of people.

Now consider the following picture I am about to paint you. If you are someone who markets some form of drink, and you are looking to lend some publicity to the brand name, all the while trying to make some side bucks making some advert on the promo sales, for, say, something like money saving price of the drink. This is what you do first of all. You go online and place the advert for the drink, suing carefully selected keywords that have a very high tendency to show up if you search for them online. This means that if a random internet surfer comes online and looks for something related to your drink and is covered in your keyword listing, out pops your advert, drawing attention to your drink as well as the promo and brand name.

However, wouldn't it be too bad, if the next article after your advert is some form of news report about a couple of students who died while drinking out late? This is clearly unassociated with your business, but it clearly would not be a good thing for your business name and aim. However, through the use o9f semantic targeting, you can avoid such an embarrassing situation.


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Internet Marketing and SEO Basics - 2 Tips to Effectively Target Your Audience Online

Post  denialhardy on Mon Dec 13, 2010 2:52 pm

The 2 tips of Internet Marketing and SEO Basics
1. Article writing
2. Article Marketing


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