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5 Things Required For An On-Page Checklist

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5 Things Required For An On-Page Checklist

Post  Admin on Thu Nov 11, 2010 5:29 pm

As per many SEO services the on-page checklist will help increase traffic on your website. On-page involves optimization of various components on your website to make it search engine friendly. Your online business may have some trouble building traffic if the on-page suffers. Hence its wise to have a checklist to follow and guide you. You may refer to a checklist made available by SEM Austin services online. For your convenience we have also listed a few things you may require for an On-Page:

1. Appropriate Keyword or Phrase: After proper research you need to select the most appropriate keyword or key phrase that relates to your web page. These must be concise and clear. You should try and keep the word or phrase unique to your web page to avoid repetition.

2. Appropriate Header Tags: Header tags can be compared to the headlines you see in the newspaper. They help get attention to web page. You might want to use block letters for the headers to draw more attention. The keyword can be used in the Header to invite more traffic.

3. Develop/Rework Page content: Once the keyword to be used has been finalized and the header is in place, you can start concentrating on the layout of the webpage and the article written is as required. Basic check must be done to check if the article written for the webpage meets certain requirements such as the voice in which it is written is in a consistent voice, the title tag is appropriate, features and benefits are appropriately listed and easily navigated.

4. Page usability review: Once the content is added to a development version of the page being optimized the page is reviewed as a whole for usability. Please make sure that the page is available visually and both with images and formatting. Coding issues are also considered to ensure there are no potential spidering issues from malformed HTML.

5. Final review: Once all the processes mentioned above have been followed the completed web page can be sent for review to client or a manager in-charge. Once the approval is received that it's good to go. You can go ahead and use the article.


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Re: 5 Things Required For An On-Page Checklist

Post  johnclay on Sat Dec 11, 2010 5:56 am

That is a great information about On-page optimization. I glad to thank you because it is such a good information about on-page to me. I learn many more about on-page from here. Thank you for bring it here.


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Re: 5 Things Required For An On-Page Checklist

Post  jackkback on Wed Feb 23, 2011 5:22 pm

According to many SEO services on the page list will help increase your website traffic. On page optimization involves all components of your site, so search engine friendly. Your online business may have some trouble, if the traffic is affected by the construction of web pages.
1. Appropriate Keyword or Phrase:
2. Appropriate Header Tags
3. Develop/Rework Page content
4. Page usability review
5. Final review


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Re: 5 Things Required For An On-Page Checklist

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